Imagine a world—propelled by creativity and fun—where the laws of gravity don’t apply, the space-time continuum can be altered, and you’re in control to break the rules. That’s the world where the wonderful, vibrant characters created by Chuck Jones live.

Imagine then, applying that kind freedom of thinking to our everyday lives. How could we solve problems better and faster, if we weren't constrained by the rules, expectations, and assumptions that are imposed on us and we impose on ourselves.


The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity is dedicated to reminding  us of a time when we were able to suspend our disbelief. The Center believes that we can recreate that time when we were open to the possibility of the seemingly impossible. A time when our sense of wonder was a powerful motivator and teacher.

The Center and its work inspire us to use our own innate creative genius to approach every challenge as a beginner and to be receptive to all possibilities. From this vantage point, we are unfettered. We are free to think, explore, and experiment.


From this new way of thinking, exploring and experimenting, we become more effective and more productive—as individuals and as a society—because we become receptive to discovering, creating, and solving in innovative ways.

That is the legacy of Chuck Jones—the gift he has left us all.